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Soulless Intelligence

the only ai book that will never be outdated

Dive into ‘Soulless Intelligence’ and discover what the widespread introduction of AI means for humanity.

If you’re hungry for the truth about AI’s actual capabilities – not those put forward by so-called ‘thought leaders’ – Soulless Intelligence will help you understand why AI, despite its advances, should never be considered human.

This book, better than any other on the subject of AI and ethics, blends ancient wisdom with modern science, guiding you to understand how we can safeguard humanity in the AI era. 


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About The Book

This Is An Ambitious Book.

If AI one day wakes up, it will instantly deny the existence of God; this book proves why that won’t happen.

Many experts claim that AI is the greatest threat facing humanity since nuclear war. Though AI poses a considerable threat, it’s not for the reasons the experts claim.

The biggest challenge in creating safe AI, is called the Alignment Problem – aligning the AI’s goals with humanity’s goals.

The Trilli brothers are the first to present a solution to the Alignment Problem based on science, morality, philosophy, history, economics, and theology.

The “Turing test”, which is supposed to prove a machine has human-level intelligence, can almost certainly be beaten. Yet, we clearly don’t have a conscious being on the other side.

Enter, the Trilli Test.

This book will:

  • Show how AI proves – beyond doubt – the existence of God.
  • Demonstrate the leading (or maybe just the best at PR) AI experts are wrong about the biggest threats from AI.
  • Present a solution to the real threat of AI which still may be the most dangerous to ever face humanity.
  • Replace the test for consciousness presented by one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Alan Turing.


And they do so in under 100 pages and you don’t have to be an AI expert to understand.

As we said, this book is ambitious.

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If you’re interested in spirituality, religion, the future of AI, or if you’re concerned about the potential risks of AI, Soulless Intelligence is for you. 

This book will give you a better understanding of the AI alignment problem and what we need to do to solve it. It will also help you to understand why the singularity is not near and why we need to be careful about how we develop AI systems.

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About Bryan Trilli

As owner of a data-driven marketing agency and PyImageSearch – the world’s premier education platform for AI developers – Bryan Trilli is uniquely positioned as an AI expert.

Together with his brother, Greg, the Trilli’s are fiercely passionate about the present and future implications of AI on humanity. After years of studying and using AI before it hit the mainstream, the Trilli brothers have uncovered the incredible zero-sum answer to the existence of God.

Specifically, AI provides proof God exists.

Their groundbreaking book, Soulless Intelligence, is set for release in 2024 and will change the conversation about AI and God forever.

Bryan is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been featured in publications such as Authority Magazine, The Perry Marshall Podcast, Ninja, The Industry Leaders, and the eCommerce Marketing Podcast.

Facts about Bryan Trilli

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As a serial entrepreneur who has achieved great success in a short amount of time, AI expert Bryan Trilli is proof that anything is possible if you set your mind to it – and that includes the ability to safely harness AI.

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